Career Coaching

Our career coaching programme will help you to clarify what you want and to develop a plan on how to get there. You may want to decide what profession or career to follow after university, review the career path you have taken thus far, deal more effectively with work problems, or improve your work-life balance. We will work with you to clarify your career goals and develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to ensure you get there.

What is an Individual Development Plan? An individual development plan is a document that will help you assess your skills and the areas that you need to improve upon or develop further, depending on the career you have chosen and the goals you wish to achieve within a specific period of time. You need to set definite and measurable goals within a particular timeframe to help you transition to the next step in your career.

Maria Kalogera is an Associate Member of the Association for Coaching and an accredited and licensed career coach of CCS Career Coaching and Counselling Services programme. Maria can support all of your career management needs from career decision making, job search/applications, to on-the-job coaching. If relevant (given your career goals), she can also help you apply for undergraduate or postgraduate programmes through our Admissions Consulting programme.

Throughout life individuals make countless decisions and experience any number of transitions. We have developed the DREAM career model to support you in every step of a career transition depending on your individual needs.

Please click on the different steps of the DREAM Career Model to get an idea of the different steps of a successful transition and/or click here to find out about our Career Coaching package. Please note that Step 1 &2 form our career coaching programme and it is up to you whether or not you want to continue with one or more of the subsequent steps of the proces



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