Unlock the key steps to writing a Personal Statement (PS) that will get you into your dream post-graduate programme!

We have developed a stress-free process that will teach you how to do this effectively and confidently, and even enjoy it in the process.

Live webinar:Thursday, 4 October 201821:00Duration: 40'

Good grades (and for some GMAT and GRE scores) are essential for a place in a top European or US university. However, a good essay is what can convince the admissions team to push your application on top of the pile!

I have experience of helping more than 500 people to get accepted in top universities across the globe. One of the key things for maximizing your chances of getting accepted is applying early. Most candidates struggle to write an effective personal statement and lose precious time. Join me in this webinar to learn how to write a personal statement that will get you accepted into your top choice. Stop procrastinating and start writing your personal statement with confidence as soon as we finish.

Understand the question and your audience:

Admissions tutors warn that a common mistake made by candidates is not understanding what information they should include in a personal statement and they miss out on including essential information. You will get a set of questions to reply to ensuring that you submit a PS with all the required information about yourself.

Demonstrate understanding of yourself, your career goals and the programme

Demonstrate that you have well researched the programme and your career path. Show that you have set yourself specific career goals and the programme is an essential part of achieving them. Learn how to effectively describe your career goals and career path.

Show fit between the university’s requirements and your knowledge, experience and career goals. Why do you deserve a place above other candidates?

Admissions tutors at top universities review thousands of personal statements and they are looking for a reason to reject you. Learn how to tick all the boxes in the admissions tutors’ requirement list so that you do not give them an excuse to reject you.

Differentiate yourself from other candidates.

Select the stories that differentiate yourself from other candidates and showcase your strengths. Admissions tutors are creating a community of students. Each student will bring a unique set of skills to the campus and share it with the others. What will you offer to the community? Identify your unique selling point and communicate it effectively in your personal statement.

Learn how to structure your personal statement

Learn how to structure your personal statement so that it follows a logical structure and captures the reader’s attention. You are applying for a postgraduate course and you should demonstrate well-developed written skills.

Q&A Facebook session

Each participant will have the chance to ask me questions for one hour after the webinar. Questions will be answered through Facebook so everyone can benefit from the answer.

Download the Personal Statement Formula that will be explained in the beginning of our webinar. We will also be sharing with you three more tools that will enable you to write a winning personal statement.

Read my blog on Kisses of Death for Postgraduate applications and learn what to avoid and how.

Join us on Thursday, 4 October 2018@21:00
so you can stop stressing and start writing!

Webinar will be held in Greek. However the tools, slides and examples provided will be in English.



Patrick McNeil

Barry Clark


Thursday, 13th September 2018

Duration: 40′


Patrick McNeil

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