MK Career ChoicesAK, MSc Finance London School of Economics

A professor at university referred me to Maria because I was unsure where to start with my postgraduate application.

Her approach was very thorough and broke down the process in clear succinct steps which we tackled one at a time. Although initially I was stressed about the whole thing, Maria made the process straightforward. She was supportive and encouraging throughout and helped me discover my hidden strengths and qualities that were important in my personal statement and application process.

She thoroughly explained the career structures in the banking and financial sector and helped me clarify my career goals (which was really useful when writing the personal statement). She used questions to uncover stories that demonstrated my strengths and we worked together to illustrate them in my personal statement. She then used her excellent editing skills to make it shine. She also helped me prepare a professional CV which I now use in my job applications to financial, banking, and consulting international organisations. She is extremely knowledgeable about graduate careers and recruitment practices in the UK and is currently helping me with my graduate Job applications.

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