1. Discover Yourself

Assess your current skills and experience, your values, and your requirements. This step is essential to ensure that you make the right decision based on your skills, experience, values, and the things which are most important to you in a job/career. It enables you to address the questions of “Who am I?” and “What do I want?” It may include the use of psychometric tests and self-appraisal exercises to help clarify your transferable skills, interests, values, key achievements, personality, and what motivates you.

2. Research & Decide


This step will allow you to explore ideas and opportunities for your future. Now that you know yourself, your skills, interests, and values, the next step is to work with your career coach and generate ideas on what to do next. Now that you know what you want from your next job, you need to start exploring different opportunities.


In this step you need to evaluate the ideas generated in step 2 and decide on the best option for you. We will help you using a number of resources to identify the right career move/next role, set clear goals, and develop an Individual Development Plan on how to get there. We will give you a number of resources (including websites, books, and other documents).

These first two steps form our Career Coaching programme and it is up to you whether you want to continue with one or more of the subsequent steps of the process.Click here to find out about our Career Coaching Package.

3. Educate & Develop

As part of your IDP, we will decide whether any further training or career development opportunity is necessary in order to transition to the next step of your career. Whether this is a seminar, a professional course , or even a postgraduate course, we will help you identify the best source from which to receive this training. (If you decide that pursuing an undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA, or PhD is appropriate, then we can also help you with the application process.)

4. Apply for your dream job (International Job Search Programme)

Once you have decided what you want, you need to accomplish it. We will work with you to secure the next right role for you. We will help with developing a job search strategy, including a complete career portfolio (CV, Cover letter, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles). For more information, please see our International Job Search programme.

5. Manage your career

Once you receive the job of your dreams/a promotion/or a transfer, it is important to hit the ground running as soon as possible. Knowing how to behave and what to do during your first ever job after graduation, or managing the transition after a promotion or a new job with another employer can be challenging. Michael D. Watkins (HBS Press Book) argues that the first 90 days at work are essential for your success in the role and missteps made during this period can jeopardise or, even, derail your success. We have developed a 1:1 coaching programme to help you get up to speed faster and more efficiently within your first 90 days at work.

This programme is also appropriate for women who are re-entering the workplace (e.g., after maternity leave or a career break).

Once you have established yourself in the company/job role, you may realise that you require some further training, or coaching, on issues such as communication skills, presentation skills, managing your time, or one-to-one coaching to deal with a specific career issue you face, such as work-life balance or a demanding boss. Do not hesitate to call us again and we will tailor a coaching programme to match your needs. You may also wish to start planning your next career move and want to pursue the right activities that will get you there ( for example, tailored work experience, experience abroad).